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Details on High-Speed-Deburring

Diameter. Implementing different geometries and sizes of cutting edges HSD tools are used for different deburring tasks. The smallest diameter which was produced, tested and applied with success is around 2 millimeters. An upper limit for the diameter of HSD tools is not given by technical reasons. Deburring of crossholes of diameter around 1mm entering a larger mainhole is applied since years.
The parameters depend from the deburring task in detail. Usually parameters are for rotation 800-1200 U/min and feed 100-150 mm/min per cutting edge. One tool may contain several cutting edges - therefore high values in feed can be achieved.

The applied pressure depends on material, burr size, ... Usual values for pressure are 0,6 - 1,2 MPa (6-12 bar). If the pressure cannot controlled by the machine itself the pressure will be reduced from the given value to the needed value inside the tool. There are only minor difference choosing air, water, coolant, etc. for the media.
Result. The combination of optimised geometry of the cutting edge and the pressure controlled forces is producing only minor changes of the roughness. This is one advantage of the HSD technology. The adjustment of feed, pressure and rotation gives control on the deburring result and the formation of a chamfer. Some details are published in the following article. This flexibility in a wide range is also a feature of the HSD technology. (back)


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Deburring of crossing drill holes, grooves, steps, ...


Directly controlled by Pressure, Deburring of several holes in one step, high speed deburring, ...


Examples - high quantity parts from automotive industries, volume production


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