Special Deburring Tools


Basics. HSD-Tools are rotating. The cutting edges are free to move during operation. The deburring tool can be used entering the main hole (top pic.) or entering the hole and doing the deburring backwards (bottom pic.). The deburring tool is rotating right- and lefthand to deburr both sides of the the holes.

Control. The force at the cutting edges is applied by pressure. There are no spring elements installed or needed. The media is applied through the tool shank. It might be water, coolant, lubricant, air, oil also MMS ... The pressure is applied by the machine - machining center, deburring station,... The pressure influences and controls the force at the cutting edge. Without pressure the cutting edges are folded in (top pic.). During operation the cutting edges are pressed in inside the drill hole until the cross hole and the burr is reached and the deburring will be done (bottom pic.). If no pressure is available at the machine another deburring tool can be used - the elastomer deburring tool. (more details...)

Cutting edges, Diameters and Speed. For several HSD-Deburring-Tools different cutting edges are developed and still in application. By optimising the geometry of the cutting edges smallest tools with a diameter around two millimeters were produced. Cross holes with a diameter of around one millimeter are deburred entering the main hole. (more...)

Technology and cutting edges are patented. The HSD-symbol is registered.


Special Deburring Tools - Development, Production, Distribution

Deburring Tasks

Deburring of crossing drill holes, grooves, steps, ...


Directly controlled by Pressure, Deburring of several holes in one step, high speed deburring, ...


Examples - high quantity parts from automotive industries, volume production


Sales Partner, national, international

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