Special Deburring Tools

HSD-Technology and Elastomer-Deburring-Tools

Controlling the cutting force by pressure is typical for HSD deburring tools. Therefore the pressure and the force can be adjusted flexible to the needed deburring result. The Elastomer-deburring-tools do not need any pressure. For usual more easy deburring tasks the application of Elastomer-deburring tools is always possible. Particularly if the pressure application is not possible by the machine. The force will be applied by an elastomer core instead.
Elastomer-deburring-tools are using similar cutting edges and working parameters as HSD-tools. Following our experiences elastomer tools should be used at the speed level of 70 to 80 percent of the HSD tools. (back)


Special Deburring Tools - Development, Production, Distribution

Deburring Tasks

Deburring of crossing drill holes, grooves, steps, ...


Directly controlled by Pressure, Deburring of several holes in one step, high speed deburring, ...


Examples - high quantity parts from automotive industries, volume production


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